Cleanliness Analysis Services


Many components manufactured today must meet very stringent requirements regarding their level of cleanliness: typically measured as a “loose” particulate matter adhering to the surface of the component; ionic compounds; or a residual process contaminant.


Resolution Analytics has over 20 years in providing both gravimetric and ion and liquid chromatography services to the air quality and stationary source testing industries.  These services also enable us to provide a unique and experienced set of capabilities to a wide variety of manufacturers, specifically in the determination of both gravimetric and chemical/ionic contamination levels of manufactured components.


Typically these services would require collection of a solvent washing followed by filtration and finally gravimetric analysis (total mass residue) and possibly microscopic analysis (particle size determination).  This particulate matter residue is an important and common analysis as its presence can cause accelerated degradation of a final assembled product.


Solvent washes can then, if necessary, be analyzed further for ionic species such as sulfates, chlorides and nitrates among others.  Determination of ionic contamination is also an important part of cleanliness testing as the presence of various species can lead to corrosion of manufactured and assembled components.


By using a variety of validated cleanliness test procedures (ASTM, AOAC or manufactures’ custom protocols) together with custom DQO-oriented data reports we can provide our clients with timely and detailed data on the cleanliness levels of their manufactured components.


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